Testimonials: What people are saying!

{Hear from marriage professionals, pastors, attendees, guys and readers to find out what people have to say about Restored & Remarried!}

Here's what marriage professionals are saying:


“If you’re looking for some marriage mentoring from a couple who is a living lesson on successfully navigating a second marriage and blending a family, you’ve got to get acquainted with the ministry of Gil and Brenda Stuart. They are passionate about helping others who are journeying the same road.”


Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott

Founders of RealRelationships.com and Authors of Saving Your Second Marriage Before It Starts





“With the right answers to the right questions stepfamilies can beat the odds of distress and divorce. Gil and Brenda have the right answers. Their practical material and honest presentations will bring a blessing to your life. Come hear what they have to say!”


Ron L. Deal

Director, Blended Family Ministries, Family Life





“A Heart is a terrible thing to break. It can be prevented. Gil and Brenda Stuart open their lives, share their story, identify with your challenges and provide essential help to remarried people or those considering remarriage. This book is like sitting with a mentor couple who will give you transparency, experience and practical advice to succeed in marriage and family under tough circumstances. Protect your children, your partner and your heart. Put this book’s reality-based advice into practice.”


Jeff Kemp

Family Life Advocate, Stronger Families (formerly Families Northwest)





“In Restored and Remarried, Brenda and Gil Stuart share their home life and family experiences as they walked through the challenges and victories of remarriage and forming a step family. Couples who are remarried (or contemplating a remarriage) will gain insights, help and hope through this candid and much needed book!”


K. Jason Krafsky

Author of Before "I Do" and FaceBook and Your Marriage





“As an adult child of divorce and the director of a grassroots initiative to strengthen marriages and families, I read this book with great interest because we all know the stats for second marriages ending in divorce. The Stuarts have done a terrific job putting excellent information into the hands of people who need it. The exercises are thought-provoking and useful as people seek restoration in preparation for remarriage. This is a much needed resource that will benefit many!”


Julie M. Baumgardner, MS, CFLE

President and Executive Director



Here's what pastors are saying:


“We recently had Gil and Brenda come minister at our church, we were blessed by how real and transparent they were in their own personal experience as a blended family.  Gil was great at setting up the evening sessions during the Sunday service and we would highly recommend them as keynote speakers for any church or secular organization.  This topic is very much needed and families are struggling everyday with how to cope and deal with bringing unity in a blended household!”


Pastor Glen and Theresa Johnson

Faith Center Church, WA




“The Stuart's knowledge and presentation to blended families is life changing. The presentation was from their hearts with a mix of personal stories and visual aids that stimulate thought, conversation and examination. The time for couples to talk and begin processing information after each session was critical in opening conversation for a couple’s journey to build a strong marriage.


Northlake Christian Church followed the seminar with the 6 week Restored and Remarried Study workbook that allowed couples to come together for Biblical support and have deeper conversations in response to the seminar.


We highly recommend Gil and Brenda Stuart and the Restored and Remarried Seminar.”


Rick and Donna Rickman

Northlake Christian Church, Marriage Ministry, Bothell, WA




“Thank you so much for bringing your gift of experience with blended families.  It is very obvious that both of you have the unique gift of presenting Godly principles in a way that people can understand and relate to.  What a resource we have in you guys!”


Chris Caudle

Family Pastor, Grace Foursquare Church, Camas, WA




“This seminar was VERY Helpful and VERY needed. Thanks again!”


Pastor Constance McCLean

Living Faith Christian Center, Pennsauken, New Jersey


Here's what attendees are saying:


“We left feeling very encouraged. We both said we have never walked away from a marriage seminar feeling like everything was useful like we did Saturday!  We left and spent the afternoon together.  We had lunch, walked around the mall, saw a movie, and talked about things we have never voiced before. I am starting to feel like we are on the road to trusting each other completely, and I've never really felt that before.


We have already shared some stuff with the kids, and have plans to make a wall we can put on the living room wall as a reminder.” —Christy, Vancouver, WA




“Thank you so much for this weekend.  We came away with a lot of useful tools.  I only wish we had had these tools before we screwed up… .  The things I tried to tell my husband, but did not have the right words to truly express what I was trying to say, you guys said loud and clear in your seminar.  You not only worded things in the right way but your demonstrations really hit the mark.  And coming from an outside source, from people who really know what they're talking about, added a lot of weight.  Now we both have a lot of fix and repair to do!” —Connie, WA




“We totally enjoyed the seminar and are looking forward to using our new tools!  In the almost ten years of marriage we have only prayed together a few times.  But, this weekend we were on our knees together.  If it wasn't for your seminar it wouldn't have happened. We're building our wall! ” —Becky, WA




“Thank you for all that you do.  The church desperately needs this type of thing.  Probably the one main thing I got out of this is to know that I am not alone in feeling “less than” as a divorced Mother. We are the couple that are not married yet but are doing all we can to prepare ourselves to do so.  We just know that it is all in God’s timing and your seminar really helped us realize that it is possible and can be a positive thing for our kids.” —Patricia, WA




“I have learned so much; and feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders knowing I’m not alone. I am very thankful that I have a support group I can rely on and ask questions when needed. I’m beyond grateful that God found a way to bring you and Gil into our lives and that the two of you have been so willing and open to share what you have learned and experienced with your blended family. I have to be honest, before we went to your workshop I was honestly ready to give up. Our family was at an all-time low and I was exhausted and didn’t know what to do. I felt I had tried all I knew and wasn’t going anywhere. I was extremely unhappy and cried myself to sleep most nights. We have more to learn and bridges to cross, but I know now we have some very useful tools and a support group to rely on. Thank you so much!” —Janet, WA




“You're seminar was wonderful!  We had such a nice time focusing on our relationship.  We've since used you're principles many times since the seminar. :)  Thank you, so much for writing down what you and Gil have learned. It's given us perspective and hope.  And we realize this is all worth it.” —Chris, NJ




“…one main thing I got out of this is to know that I am not alone in feeling “less than” being divorced.  It was just nice to hear others feel the same.  We are not married yet but are doing all we can to prepare ourselves to do so.“ —Shelley, WI



“Yes we have walked away with many nuggets and have been putting them to the test! Old tapes, Bare Wire and so many more things.”Trina and Doug




“Your seminar was wonderful!  We had such a nice time focusing on our relationship.  We've since used you're principles many times since the seminar. :)  Thank you, so much for writing down what you and Gil have learned. It's given us perspective and hope.  And we realize this is all worth it!”  —Tonya, OR




“We learned even more and even used the "foxhole" the other day. Tim was the one who said it to me actually and it worked great .Thank you for the honesty, humor, and caring you put into your seminar!!!” —Sheila




“Blessings to you and your husband for your amazing work for people in the blended situation.”Sophia


Here's what guys are saying:


“The class occurred at a perfect time in our marriage and we will forever be grateful for your ministry.  Thank you for your wisdom and candor in sharing your world with us.  We will recommend it to many others.” —Doug




“The two of you demonstrated a true commitment to one another which serves as your base foundation to tackle the tough stuff: kid issues.” —Mark




“I really enjoyed the dual presentation with Gil and Brenda. The stories and their own experiences and challenges they shared offered great strength and inspiration! They made me realized that we’re not alone in our challenges” —John


Here's what people are saying about the book Restored & Remarried:


“First of all, as I am writing this e-mail to you, I literally have tears in my eyes. The book you wrote with your husband, Gil, is absolutely inspiring.  My mother-in-law gave this book to my husband a few weeks ago, and I just started reading it.  I'm not even half way through it, and already feel like there is a new found hope for us. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have already said, "Oh my goodness, us too." or "That’s how I felt/feel while reading your book."” —Shannon, Ohio