Gil and Brenda helped us see our marriages with a fresh perspective and encouraged us through hard hitting yet humble and real-life messages. There were times to laugh and times to evaluate that brought true “ah ha” moments. Our attendees left with hope for their marriages and with tools to inspire leaving a healthy legacy for their family.


Bob Wallace |  Executive Minister  |  Concord Christian Church, North Carolina

Your Marriage…What’s in Your Rearview Mirror?

{This seminar is presented to all married couples, not just remarried}


Taking a moment to reflect on your marriage is much like looking in a rearview mirror! There are blissful horizons and memorable sunsets that bring joy to each of your soul. The history of your travels together reminds each couple of progress, excitement and dreams that have been fulfilled.


Your journey of marriage may have regrets; ignored detours that could have led to great adventures, and fond celebrations. Often what are seen in reflections are Road Blocks, Construction Zones, Ten-Car Pileups, Bridge Crossings and missed Rest Stops.


Stop the hectic drive of family life for a period of refueling, restoration and renewal. With a passion to encourage marriages, join Gil and Brenda Stuart as they share about hazards, rest stops and a ten-car pileup! Their dual presentation style addresses, head-on, tough issues. Rather than waiting until they get home (and forget), couples will have time to talk with each other as new concepts are shared. Any marriage will benefit and gain insight from this seminar.


You will laugh, be challenged and encouraged. Enjoy this rest stop!


Sessions presented are:



Session One: Bridge Crossings

Session Two: Rest Stops



Session One: Road Blocks

Session Two: Constructions Zones

Session Three: Ten-Car Pileups