“A Heart is a terrible thing to break. It can be prevented. Gil and Brenda Stuart open their lives, share their story, identify with your challenges and provide essential help to remarried people or those considering remarriage. This book is like sitting with a mentor couple who will give you transparency, experience and practical advice to succeed in marriage and family under tough circumstances. Protect your children, your partner and your heart. Put this book’s reality-based advice into practice.”


Jeff Kemp  |  Family Life Advocate  |  Stronger Families   |   www.strongerfamilies.org

R&R Seminars

R&R Book and Workbook

The Restored & Remarried Seminar is designed for couples who are blending a family and need encouragement. We share communication tools that are both fun and very interactive. Believe it or not, R & R is really 'guy friendly!'


On Friday night, we will lay the groundwork for the marriage. Because 60% of remarriages end within the first two years, it is vital to encourage and equip these relationships with practical skills. We give couples an opportunity to interact with each other face to face during each session.  There is also a chance for them to talk to other couples that are faced with similar circumstances in a supportive environment.


On Saturday, we will focus on the adventure of blending a family. Bringing together different traditions, rules and personalities from two different families into one home is tough. This is no cake walk, but it can work, and work quite well. It takes trust, honesty and commitment to the step family process with a "no turning back" attitude. The process of leaving a healthy, strong legacy for remarried couples and their families is what Restored & Remarried is all about. We integrate visual object lessons and create a fun atmosphere.


Our message is, “If you ain't got the marriage, you ain't got nothin'.”


Session 1: Expectations and Myths


Session 2: The Wall


Session 3: I Didn't See This Coming!


Session 4: I Didn't Think it was Going to be Like This


Session 5: Those People


Session 6: Two Countries and an Elephant


The Restored and Remarried seminars have also been customized to fit the guidelines for Federal Grant recipient requirements. Contact us today to find out how we can help.



Let Restored and Remarried, the book, be an encouragement to you! Inspired by our seminar, this book handles real life step family situations. Is it hard? You bet. Is it worth it? Absolutely! Can your marriage thrive amidst the step family adventure? Let us help you have a marriage that is not just good, but great!We actually asked our kids to share some of their experiences through their step family journey. Their comments are pretty real…We kept the language they used… (yes we did put in a few *%#@ to keep it authentic.  PG13.)


Have you ever had a situation related to your remarriage and step family that you just can’t find words to describe? As a response, we created  practical tools. It was a way to express what was going on inside as we encountered the new marriage, step kids, financial stresses, and even sexual issues. Sharing these terms with you is rather personal as it’s a language of our own. We encourage you to create a language of your own too.


View sample: Excerpt from Chapter 4, "I Didn’t See This Coming"










Your relationship faces many unique challenges. You’ll find this 8-week workbook practical, inspiring and a great resource for your step family adventure.


Your struggles are directly addressed with content centering on the issues presented in the seminar and the Restored and Remarried book. In a small group setting, you'll have a guide as you dialogue with others around the terms and concepts related to remarriage and step family life. This guide can also be used for “just the two of you.”


The Remarried / Stepfamily couple faces many unique challenges. We think that you’ll find the workbook applicable, encouraging and a source of reflection even if you have not attended the seminar.


You can never get enough support and reassurance in your marriage. We are honored to be part of your process of leaving a healthy, strong legacy for your family.


Restored and Remarried, the book and workbook can be purchased at the seminar or online.



R&R Small Group DVD

R&R Leader's Guide

This 8 session Small Group DVD can be used in a variety of environments.  Because each video session is between 5-10 minutes long, you can customize and plan your time to meet your needs, adding welcome, discussion and prayer.


Sunday School: You can even spend 2 weeks on each session to give yourself more time for conversation.


Weekly:  Ideally 1.5 – 2 hours is best so conversations are not rushed.


Twice a month


Once a month


Sessions Include:


  • Leaders Intro Video
  • Community
  • Restored Foundations
  • Cornerstone of Commitment
  • “I Didn’t Think It Was Going To Be Like This”
  • “I Didn’t See This Coming
  • Those People (Part 1)
  • Those People (Part 2)
  • Sex and Money: Don’t Fight Naked


Restored & Remarried book and Workbook are the companion resources needed as part of the DVD curriculum.


Would you like to start a Small Group in your community? The Restored & Remarried Leader’s Guide will help you facilitate and encourage any crowd.  Simple to follow, this resource will make the guiding of your group easy! When using the Restored & Remarried book, Workbook, and DVD, this Leader’s Guide will help you navigate the important points of your time together.