Restored & Remarried

Restored and Remarried was birthed out of our step family and remarriage experience. As we began to navigate the treacherous waters of remarriage and blended family life, we created catch words around key concepts that helped us. They were so beneficial to us, that as we shared them with others on the step family journey. Conflict was reduced, communication was improved and the joy of a healthy marriage was experienced. These marriages/families were having success too! We were hearing, “Finally, some concrete tools we can use now and are effective!” And we were encouraged to share on a larger scale.


That is where our seminar, Restored and Remarried started. We are very real and to the point as we present our seminar. Honestly, we don’t have time to mess around. Our family’s legacy is at stake. There is no way we would ever want to take our kids through another train wreck (divorce).


Then we realized not everyone could make it to one of our seminars or may be a little “shy” to attend. So, we packaged our seminar into a book, of the same name. The book contains a lot of what we share in the seminar and more. We asked each  of our kids to contribute to the book. “What would you say to a new remarried couple about how to have a great step family?” was the question we wanted them to answer. Boy did they.  We didn’t edit anything even the &*$% words (well, some of them). We added an 8 week workbook because we realize the importance of walking through the step family adventure with community around you. The workbook has thought provoking questions that can be used between the couple too.


We count it an honor to be able to encourage your marriage and step family. With trust and honestly at the core you can have an incredible marriage, far beyond your expectations!


The foundation of a successful remarriage is trust, honesty and commitment. A strong remarriage provides a safe place for the family to grow, mature and heal. Remarried couples can have step families that create and maintain a healthy legacy to leave for future generations.




Restored & Remarried encourages and equips couples who are thinking about, starting out on, or are living the step family adventure with fun, interactive and practical resources.


R & R is part of the Seven Trees Consulting, Inc. family. Another service includes a team building training using the Flag Page online assessment. We work with teams of all kinds.  Executive teams, boards, school staff and more!  STC is all about teams that: Get it Right, Get it Done, Get Along and Have Fun! Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage (we are video presenters) is also part of the Seven Trees family. We are inspired to see all relationships grow in trust and impact the legacy they leave.

Gil & Brenda

Gil and Brenda live in Brush Prairie, Washington. They have seven children between them, who are all young adults. Gil graduated from Bethany Bible College; he is currently  an insurance broker and active in the community with marriage and family issues. Brenda was on staff as Children’s Pastor of their church and recently established a team building organization helping people communicate better in team environments.  Brenda is also involved with marriage and family initiatives.


They deliver a fresh style of encouragement to this ever-growing population in society— the blended family. Willing to speak the obvious from their own step family adventure, the Stuarts share heart to heart as they walk the walk. Gil and Brenda share their  “dirt under the fingernails” experience. They are very real, very approachable and right on with their encouragement.


Gil and Brenda Stuart are Prepare-Enrich certified through Life Innovations. They are founding board members of Thriving Families of Clark County, WA, members of Smart Marriages, Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage Video Presenters, members of Better Marriages, Certified Marriage Team coaches and are sought after for radio and television interviews.

Gil is available to speak at your church service, parent and men’s groups. Email Gil.

Brenda is available to speak to parents and women’s groups. Email Brenda.

“With the right answers to the right questions stepfamilies can beat the odds of distress and divorce. Gil and Brenda have the right answers. Their practical material and honest presentations will bring a blessing to your life. Come hear what they have to say!”


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