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So you are remarried (or thinking about it)! Congratulations! How’s it going? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to just focus on each other? After all, you are in love right? A fresh start is always positive. Yet, so many couples that are remarried underestimate the adventure living in a remarriage and step family can bring! It’s not just about you anymore. It’s about your kids, your step kids, the in-laws, the ex-laws, out-laws, schedules, finances, the ex (present or departed), sex and a myriad of other situations.


Whether you consider yourself a step family or a blended family, Restored & Remarried is a hands-on resource for you.  Restored and Remarried will encourage and equip couples for the step family adventure.

You can Impact the legacy of a family!

Would you like to be a part of giving hope to a remarried couple? We have led small groups using our materials for years. In these groups we've seen the transition from hopeless and frustrated to hopeful and encouraged! We want to see marriages strengthened so they will impact the legacy of their families...and bring hope. We have always dreamed of being able to duplicate our groups and information with a DVD to help leaders lead their small groups. Thank you for considering partnering with us to have this project become a reality! There are thousands of step families and remarried couples who will benefit from this! Click here to support this project and impact the legacy of a family! Our hope is to strengthen these marriage because..."If you ain't got the ain't got nothin'."

Gil & Brenda


Rearview Mirror


Gil and Brenda live in Brush Prairie, Washington. They have seven children between them…


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This seminar is presented to all married couples, not just remarried.Taking a moment to reflect on your marriage is much like looking in a review mirror…


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Check out these videos as Gil and Brenda Stuart share honestly and candidly from their hearts…


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The Restored & Remarried Seminar and book are  designed for couples who are blending a family and need encouragement…


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“If you’re looking for some marriage mentoring from a couple who is a living lesson on successfully navigating a second marriage and blending a family, you’ve got to get acquainted with the ministry of Gil and Brenda Stuart. They are passionate about helping others who are journeying the same road.”


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